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A violent crime is one in which an individual is threatened with bodily injury or is physically harmed through violence. Such crimes include assault and battery, murder, kidnapping, robbery, arson, domestic violence, child abuse, terrorist attacks, and more. In all of these types of situations, a victim has been physically injured, killed, or threatened with injury, often with a deadly weapon such as a gun. These types of crimes may be charged and prosecuted as both state and federal crimes. They may be investigated by state or federal agencies, such as the FBI, Justice Department, or other law enforcement bureaus.

Competent legal help in Violent Crimes.

If you are facing criminal charges based on a violent crime or if you are being investigated for such crimes in the greater Orlando area, you will want to be represented by an Orlando criminal defense attorney who has a proven track record in the courtroom, who is knowledgeable and skilled in the laws and procedures applicable to your case. At the Law Office of Adam Pollack, you will find such an attorney and a professional legal staff fully equipped and prepared to help you mount a strong and determined defense. Attorney Pollack is an Orlando violent crime lawyer who has 15 years of legal experience and has been Board-Certified by the Florida State Bar in criminal law, making him a Specialist in this practice area. Courtroom and legal experience is a paramount factor in your choice of an attorney for criminal defense of violent crimes.

Violent crimes are taken very seriously by Florida courts. You may be facing a lengthy prison term, steep financial penalties, probation, restitution to victims, a permanent criminal record, and other court-mandated punishments. Your life and that of your family may be forever changed. Having dedicated legal help is crucial; our attorney and legal staff are dedicated to providing the highest caliber of legal assistance in the area.

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