Suspicion of a Sex Offense is Enough to Warrant Speaking With an Attorney

There is a common misperception that if you are under suspicion of a sex offense, and you believe in your heart that you are innocent, that you should simply “cooperate” with the investigating officers and everything will simply go away. This is very wrong and any time you or a family member has been contacted by law enforcement, you should speak with a Board Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer immediately!

Statements Made to the Police, Family Members and Friends

If you receive word through social media, a friend, or the alleged victim that they may claim that sex was either not consented to or that they were unconscious at the time (many college scenarios), then you need to immediately contact an experienced Board Certified Criminal Trial lawyer right away. There are three major reasons for this:

  1. Any statements you make to investigators can and WILL be used against you in a court of law.
  2. Anything you say on social media or to friends can and WILL be used against you in your case.
  3. If you agree to a polygraph test to “prove your innocence” it may provide an opportunity to interrogate you without a lawyer present.

In addition to the three reasons above, any time you speak with investigators, even if it is to give “your side of the story”, you give up any leverage that you may have had with prosecuting officials. If a skilled defense attorney is contacted at the earliest moment in the case, it increases the leverage they may have to keep you from even being charged. This happens more often than you would think as prosecutors must exercise careful discretion in the cases they choose to prosecute. Many want to make sure they can prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt before issuing formal charges.

Polygraph Tests Can Be Traps for Unrepresented Parties

When a person is accused of a sex offense and feels that they have a defense or are completely innocent, they rush to participate in a polygraph test offered by investigators. This is a huge mistake!  If you are truly innocent, you want to limit your statements and make it even more difficult for the prosecutors to meet their burden of proof.

Polygraph examiners employed by the investigators have one goal in mind….get you to confess to the crime or offer incriminating to inconsistent statements. They will often call this process an “interview” both pre and post examination. Do not be fooled. This is an opportunity for them to speak with you without an attorney present and many times these statements are used to convict sex offenders.

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