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Internet crime, computer crime, or high-tech crime all involve the use of the internet to commit criminal offenses against others. These crimes may involve theft or fraud, as in identity theft, credit card fraud, or bank fraud or may be directed against the computer systems of organizations and individuals, as in computer hacking, the alteration or destruction of systems, files, equipment, or data, spam, malware, piracy, phishing, or internet scams. Other internet crimes involve luring minors over the internet for sexual purposes, obscene internet material such as child pornography, online stalking, harassment, or internet use pertaining to terrorism, drug trafficking, illegal weapons, and more.

Internet crimes may be charged at the state or federal level, depending on the facts of the case, whether the alleged crime crossed state lines, or involved federal laws or national public safety. They can range from a minor white collar crime to those involving terrorism and serious sex offenses. If you are facing charges involving an internet crime in greater Orlando, you will want an experienced Orlando criminal defense attorney in your corner as soon as possible. At the Law Office of Adam Pollack, our Orlando internet crime lawyer can begin investigating the charges against you and accompanying evidence to begin helping you fight the charges immediately. We advise that you call our firm to arrange for a free, initial consultation with our attorney to begin discussing your legal options as soon as you suspect you are being investigated by state or federal law enforcement or have been charged with an offense in which the internet was used.

Internet Crimes in Florida

Cybercrime or computer crime refers to any criminal offense involving a computer or computer network. These are especially serious in cases of fraud, copyright infringement, child pornography, or where national security is threatened. These types of crimes can involve severe punishments, including prison terms, heavy fines, community service, restitution to victims, probation, and a future as a convicted felon. In sexual predator cases or child pornography, a conviction may result in mandatory sex offender registration, which will negatively affect your future indefinitely.

The Orlando internet crime lawyer at the firm is a seasoned Board-Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer who can competently defend you in any case involving state or federal charges.

Contact the Orlando internet crime attorney at the firm for comprehensive legal help in the face of any charges related to the internet today.

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