If you are facing felony charges in Florida, you need to retain a Certified Expert immediately to protect your rights. Attorney Adam Pollack has many years of experience handling felony criminal cases and will make sure to fight for all of your rights…including your right to vote!

A Florida constitutional amendment will be up for a vote in November that could restore the right to vote for over 1.5 million felons. These are individuals who have completed their sentences and are still denied the right to vote.

Florida has the highest disenfranchisement rate in the country. It is one of only three states that permanently bars all citizens with felony convictions from voting. The only way to regain the ability to vote currently is to apply to the state Office of Executive Clemency and very few applications are ever granted. This amendment would give people who have been convicted of a felony and have served their sentence a second chance at participating in our democracy.

There are many felonies in Florida that carry minimum jail sentences and therefore it is appealing for a Defendant to take a plea deal in those circumstances. Along with the permanent bar on voting, a felony can have a very long-term effect on your life. Imagine being a young teen in college, pleading to a felony because there was no jail time, and then 10 years later you have a family and are applying for your dream job. Everything is found out and you are denied time and time again for employment with no recourse in sight.

Take felony charges seriously and contact Attorney Adam Pollack as soon as you are being investigated for a crime. He will have the compassion necessary to handle your matter from start to finish with your best interest at heart.

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****Case Update****

A federal appeals court recently handed victory to opponents of restoring voting rights to convicted felons.