The news has been filled with stories of the drug Fentanyl and first-responders and law enforcement officials becoming sick and even dying from responding to suspected drug dealing crime scenes. Additionally, the death count of people overdosing from this extremely potent and powerful drug is rising at a staggering rate.

In Florida, some prosecutors are filing murder charges against Fentanyl dealers whose customers overdose. Prosecutors say it holds dealers accountable, but critics say it won’t cut drug use.

This fear has led many prosecutors in Florida to file murder charges against Fentanyl dealers if their customers overdose. They justify their actions by saying that it will hold drug dealers accountable for their actions. Many respond that it will have little to no effect in curbing drug abuse and attacking the problems of addiction.

Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid that is over 50 times more potent than Morphine and is killing thousands and thousands of people. Florida lawmakers responded to this epidemic by passing a new that allows people who distribute a fatal dose of Fentanyl to be charged with drug-induced homicide. Law enforcement officials are busy on the streets telling everyone that will listen that they could face murder charges for dealing in Fentanyl. Time will tell as to whether or not this will have an impact on the addiction that is gripping the country.

While no one wants to appear to be “soft” on drug dealers, many in the legal community are asking whether it is appropriate to hold dealers accountable for the choices made by their customers. There are already strong laws on the books to deal with drug dealers, both on the state and federal level. The problem is when there are distinctions to be made. Is this a local kid that is dealing in his neighborhood? Were there other factors that may have contributed to the user’s death? Are we targeting the distributors? What if the person using the drug had multiple suppliers?  These are just some of the issues that an experienced attorney needs to address.

If you have been caught up in this new opioid world, you need to consult with an attorney immediately. You have attorney-client privilege and what you tell your lawyer can never be revealed to anyone. Take this step before it is too late and you are facing murder charges that can affect your life and your family’s life forever.

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