As children we are constantly exposed to the theme that good triumphs over evil. We are reminded that telling the truth will be rewarded. Somehow as we get older and we start to see the realities of the world, we begin to understand that these basic truths that we all grew up with don’t always hold true. Case in point is the sad reality that many innocent people are arrested and worse enter pleas to crimes that they did not commit. Why would anybody do such a thing?

Despite some people’s perceptions, jail is not the equivalent of staying at a luxury hotel or camp. Jail is horrible place to be. Losing your freedom, losing your dignity and losing your financial ability to control your future is a bad situation for anyone to be in. However, this prospect is absolutely terrifying to the innocent people who find themselves sitting in jail. The prosecutors know this and will tempt people with plea offers that allow for people to simply admit to their crime and with that admission give them a key to their freedom.

The offer to be free is often times accepted, even when you are not guilty of the crime because the consequences to not quickly resolving your case are tremendous. A person sitting in jail must make decisions affecting their freedom with the advice of lawyers. Some of these lawyers will counsel their clients not accept the deal. However, it is far easier for a person who has their freedom to tell a person who does not have their freedom what to do.

My clients who are in jail are immediately evaluated for the possibility of securing their freedom as quickly as possible. I routinely file motions for bond whenever I have a client who qualifies for bond. I always fight to make sure that the judge grants not only a bond, but a reasonable bond that can be afforded by my clients. Afterall, it does my client no good to have a bail bond granted that they never could reasonably afford to post. Finally, when a client of mine enters a plea, it is only done after they have had an opportunity to evaluate all of the evidence and to make an informed decision. Lazy lawyering does not happen on my watch . . . ever.

When winning is the only option, the right criminal defense lawyer can make a difference. If you’ve been charged with a crime in the Orlando area, give us a call.