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Thousands of individuals are charged with assault and / or battery every year in Florida. Assault and battery are serious criminal charges for which you should have serious and dedicated legal representation. While these two crimes are often lumped together, they are actually separate and distinct offenses and may be charged as a misdemeanor or felony, depending on the circumstances and the degree of injury, if any, inflicted on the victim. Assault and battery are also associated with domestic violence crimes. These crimes may be charged as assault, aggravated assault, battery, felony battery, and aggravated battery.

In any charges involving assault and / or battery in the greater Orlando area, whether they concern a domestic situation or otherwise, it is in your best interests to contact the Orlando criminal defense attorney at the Law Office of Adam Pollack as soon as possible. Our attorney and staff are dedicated to ensuring that you have a competent and aggressive defense strategy and we offer a free consultation to help get you started. Our attorney is a Board-Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer with extensive experience and expertise in criminal law.

Assault and Battery in Florida

Simple assault is charged as a misdemeanor involving a threat to do violence to another person accompanied by the apparent ability to carry it out which causes the victim to fear that bodily injury may be imminent. You can be charged with this offense without actually carrying out a physical injury. Aggravated assault involves using a deadly weapon with the intent to commit a felony and is charged as a felony. Battery occurs when you touch or strike another person or cause them bodily harm. It is charged as a misdemeanor unless you have a prior conviction, when it is charged as a felony.

Felony battery occurs when you touch or strike another and cause great bodily harm, permanent disability, or permanent disfigurement. When a deadly weapon is used to do this, it is charged as aggravated battery.

A conviction of assault and / or battery may result in prison time. Whether or not you are convicted will depend on the facts of the case and the evidence presented. Having the Orlando assault & battery lawyer at the firm handling your case as early as possible can make a significant difference in how your case is presented, in how it is negotiated, and defended throughout the legal process.

Contact the Orlando assault & battery attorney at the firm if you are involved in a criminal case involving assault and / or battery today.

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